high today 35’f. tomorrow 75’f. Global Warming??

new book

New book, Seniors Touring Society is in Nancy’s hands right now. With Holidays and her not feeling up to par, we may not see much action until later.But it is coming soon.Meanwhile, I am working with Great granddaughter Kaylynn on

Meanwhile, I am working with Great granddaughter Kaylynn on Santa’s New Sleigh. She will be doing the pictures.  Then we’ll do the other three or four children’s  Chrismas stories I have and thus maybe have a new book in time for 2017.



Cold snap here in Fayetteville.  (Dec. 16)  I woke up to 26 degrees f. and went back to bed. Eleven and still only 30. Weather report says warmer by the weekend. I guess that means tomorrow.

I think I’ll wait to get the paper at the curb until the mail is here and then only have to go out once.