New Year

For some reason??? Some of my posts are not working. But Happy New Year to all that might get this one.

Started off losing my card wallet. Most of the ID things are replaced but of course the sentimental things everyone carries with them, like a small picture of Gerry, gone.

My Seniors new book is in edit stage and will be published soon. Yes, I know I have said that now for several months.BUT I PROMISE YOU it is in the works.

After math

Well, some good news. Not one false entry on my credit card. Everything of ID value on it’s way or already in the new card case. A long talk with Robert, who is trying to get a fishing lure on the market for the past 3-4 years. Picked up a sandwich and bought several cans of creamed chicken soup for a friend sick with the flu. Did anyone notice that gas prices seem to be going back down?



I guess I left my wallet at Harbor Freight or Walgreens the other day. Walgreens the most likely. I got the credits cards stopped. That was easy. New ID for my heart device. Also easy. After transferring to 4 or 5 people, Alice got my BCBS new card in the mail for tomorrow, Soc. Sec. will try to get a new card out in 4 to 5 weeks! New credit card coming so I can get a new drivers lic.


I’m going to hibernate for a few days. The paper says as low as 8’f overnight Sunday. Expect some sleet, freezing rain and perhaps a few inches of snow tonight. Didn’tI leave Michigan 37 years ago to get out of this?



New Year

Contest winner was John Bauer from Wilmington NC. The completed story will appear in Seniors Touring Society coming very soon.

Meanwhile working on three projects; About 4-5 Christmas stories for children of all ages and 5-6 short stories of various histories.  Maybe 3 – 4 short stageplays for k-hi or adult production.



I just spent over 3 hours at the Soc.Sec. office trying to find out why my benefits were lowered in mid-term last year. They finally placed the blame on the insurance company for not billing the correct premium. Meanwhile, Ins.Co. says we didn’t do it. Final result; I lose $45 a month for 2017. Cost of living going up and my income going down. What else is new?