I guess I left my wallet at Harbor Freight or Walgreens the other day. Walgreens the most likely. I got the credits cards stopped. That was easy. New ID for my heart device. Also easy. After transferring to 4 or 5 people, Alice got my BCBS new card in the mail for tomorrow, Soc. Sec. will try to get a new card out in 4 to 5 weeks! New credit card coming so I can get a new drivers lic.

One thought on “Wallet

  1. don Kemp

    Waiting to get a temp. drivers license was only 45 minutes and then about 10-15 with the man to do everything. Bank sent a new credit card on UPS overnight. USPS picked up leaking olive oil package that I thought I had canceled. The package came with a new supply of pens, that have my email engraved and I consider my business card. So far, everyone loves them. It also has a soft tip for punching the tiny keyboards of my cell phone that I very seldom use or need. Managed to fit two hours of proof edits on the new book coming soon, SENIORS TOURING SOCIETY, Even went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner with a friend. Now that is a busy day


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