Senior Touring Society

Release date of October 24, almost here. I should get the Proof copy today and spend the next hours, making sure we have found as many of the boo-boos as possible. Still no word for the price. All will be First Edition. When ordered direct from me, your copy will be autographed, dated and I will add a dedication of your choice.  I also ordered 160 stylus pens to add one as a gift with the purchase.

4 thoughts on “Senior Touring Society

  1. Don — do you want me to review/look at it before final.
    Let me know. I just sent my second novel to Nancy for her editing.
    I have some time to spend now before doing my next project.


    1. John I don’t think you need to see The Gray Tree again. We put our story in the same as we had it months ago. You are listed as contributing Author.I also added a very short acknowledgement about our ‘clicking’ including your name and of course again on the cover page inside STS. The Gray Tree is included on the front cover also as a Bonus Short Story.. Gives us four shots. Did Nancy say any thing about free copies to you? I have a temporary proof edition I received yesterday and will get the final proof sometime by the end of this week. Ashley will give us a spot on her table at the ‘CON’ show next week at the Fay. Arena. I will visit the Fay.Press tomorrow for, I hope, a free press release. So things are finally rolling fast now.



  2. Any idea about how many copies you might need, or want at first? As I recall from our meet-up you want me to get and pass to you in Elizabethon. Right? Cover price now is $7.99. We pay a reduced amount, usually half plus shipping.
    Waiting for stores to open and off to get some advertisement materials ordered. Newspaper, for I hope a free blurb. Lunch date meeting,


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