A day early for May but resting my back by sitting down. I’m doing another quilt, trying to get rid of the pile a fabriics in the back closet. So far I can’t tell I’ve used any. Pain comes and goes and may be result of stretching the ribs to far during my first bi-pass in 1975. Several doctors say nothing found in all the x-rays, mri’s etc. Most advise against surgery without finding a definite cause. Usually a little Aspercreme and two aspirins ease it.

One of the ladies at our writing group says she has the sketches for Santa’s New Sleigh ready for Wednesday night. A story I wrote for Ann and Pam when they lived here in Faye. and my original story is dated 1992. I’ll compile the sketches and my dialog  for Nancy and send them off by the weekend. Meanwhile working on the Rochester Michigan storm that knocked power out for the entire city. I’m adding some things from two other episodes to make it a HUGE disaster. I will try to get this on the way in the coming months.

april 5 blog

Was Christmas,yesterday or the day before? And now APRIL? How did that happen? Oh will tolate to do anything about it I guess. Getting Kathy here from California. Ithink she’ll like the house we, (Janet,Jerry, Mary Ann, and I) picked out. It’s a quiet neighborhood and easy access to shopping centers and the hospital and Raeford downtown with town and some other community services, like drivers license and vehicle license. Fayetteville city line about 10 minutes away, but who goes there in the traffic? Yes, I know, Me. I live here. Week day cars are bumper to bumper for at least one trafic red light change from about 3:00 to 7:00 or so. There must be 5,000 eating places in town now. Similar count for gas stations,but none of course in Haymont. Now building all city services and a new baseball stadium off Hay street.  Second thought added a parking deck of some sort. Old Prince Charles Hotel transforming into apartments I think some for sale units.  Lowest level retail, plus more retail around the stadium. A new hotel beside it.How they are going to handle all that traffic, heaven only knows but is keeping quiet I guess.