bunch of stuff

My daughter in Michigan called and said she had sent a package to me. I said it was not on the deck and I don’t go to the front door very often. I  have two large signs with arrows and words indicating to use the deck door.

After some chit tat. she revealed that she had sent some of her “white fungus” to me. So I went to the window and sure enough, about an eighth of an inch on most things out there. Nothing on my car under the car-port. Nothing on my driveway or the street. They both retain enough heat to melt a light attack of white fungus.  Not quite enough sun to get rid of all of it. Still some in shady places.

Kathy came over for her weekly visit and we put some scraps of fabric together for another quilt. Still a lot of fabric in the closet though. This quilt should be enough for the rest of the year, except one of the gals at Subway says she is going to have a baby girl in the next month or so and would like one for her like the one I made for her son. So I’ll have to make a pink one. They are small so it doesn’t take too long to sew one together.

Waiting for my publisher to send some info about two books that have been somewhat delayed by my in and out hospital jaunt last year. Writers always want things done overnight. We take a year, or more, writing and then want the result in print NOW.

Almost ten, so I guess I will quit work for tonight and see if I can find something to watch on the tube.




Three AM

Here I am again. Three AM and can’t sleep. The good thing is I forgot my Sunday pill so it is just a few hours late. Kathy installed a new light fixture over my kitchen sink. A few little bumps but overall, we did a good job. Then the back screened in patio door wouldn’t close. We finally took the drip molding off at the top. Later I discovered at least one of the studs holding up the roof nearby had dry rot at the base so the roof was actually falling down. I’ll get to that the first day it warms up a bit.

Cathie from Canada is coming down for a short visit. We spent three weeks together in Iceland in 2016. Four years ago already. Time seems to be going faster as the age years pile up. It seems to me I remember sitting on the front porch in 1936 or so and thought the day would never end. I always thought she was my niece but it turns out she said she is a cousin.

I’ve been busy sewing quilts for the last two weeks. I’ve got fabric on the living room floor, on the guest bed,  on the sewing machine table, and the ironing board. But three completed. The last one, in the process, will be no. 366. Also discovered Hobby Lobby has fabric. Closer, and they have people to help a customer. Joanne’s is further away and I can never find someone to help me and then they don’t have knowledge to help.

I guess that’s about it for last week. See you next week.