lots of nothing

Kathy and I found dry rot in the pillars supporting the patio roof. I went shopping for a steel plate with legs that should have been placed between the post and cement. This allows ventilation under to post and thus no dry rot.  Most places I tried didn’t know what I was talking about. While looking for something else I found a much heavier one in my own garage of long ago that I worked in as a woodshop. Now I can show rather than try to describe what I am looking for. The trick will be to find a store that carries them in stock, although I may try online.

The teen drivers across the street called the police the other day because I knocked on their door and they didn’t answer. The police saw immediately what the problem was and told them about blocking my driveway and facing their cars in the wrong direction. well, that lasted for about three days and they are back doing it again. So I  guess I’ll have to call the police to come back. The elder women who has been a friend for about 35 years must be working now because she is never home when I am. That means the teens are there by themselves. I don’t know if they are going to school or what. Now there is five cars for that home with a driveway and room for only two.

Wednesday my friend was driving her car directly in front of me so I saw the whole event. We were in the curb lane and there was a car in the passing land a little more than a car length in front of her with the three us all doing about the same speed. Sudden a car passed me doing almost twice as fast as us and dived in front of my friend and the back of the car in the other lane missing both by less than an inch. That car then passed back into the passing lane and continued to zig-zag between cars. A short distance and my friend saw it go into the right turn lane, shoot across the street on the red light and back into the passing lane and continued to drive in and out of each lane passing cars.

I lost the special shoe for my sewing machine that helps prevent bunching up of the fabrics when  I am sewing quilts. I have a box that I keep all the special shoes in and it wasn’t there. It had to be within a few feet of the sewing machine because I change from one regular shoe and that one. I took a flashlight and scanned every inch of the table and down on my hands and knees of the floor around the table. After an hour, I gave up and went for a drink and returned for another look. Another hour and still no foot. My daughter to the rescue. She had similar luck but kept looking. It had to be within a few feet of the sewing machine table or the floor. Accidently ran her fingers under the back of the machine and there it was completely hidden from eyesight. Thank you, Kathy.


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