Ezine Four

I did my taxes this week and the man said my income is far below the filing requirement. However, he filled anyway because of this federal handout coming up for us low paid people. I told him my SS check this year is $10 more than was in 2011. So I guess I qualify on that. It found out today that people with direct deposit will get this check in just a few days.

Just about done with my next book for you. Editing about finished. Back cover and face well underway. I lost so much time last year with all the hospital visits that it has taken a while to get my mind back in gear.

Great news about a friend that came to our writer’s group several years ago. She is in  the top 100 of the on-line Kindle type books. Also was notified a week or so ago, now international with books selling in Great Britan.

The weather around here, of course, is in the normal up and down 80’s today and 50’tomorrow. A lot of misty rain this month. Of course that blasted yellow pollen is all over everything.

One of my great-granddaughters paid us a visit from Tennessee a week ago. I had a quilt that I sewed in 1994 the year of her birth and her birthday the week she was here. I gave her my car/airplane/restaurant’s favorite quilt. Always just the right size for keeping my legs warm on airplanes, or cold restaurants. But happy BD Kaylyn.

I hear the mid-night chimes banging so I should post this and go to bed.

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