April 7, 2020

What happened to March? They tell me it’s long gone for this year, If you want, March, you’ll have to wait, till 2021.

Waiting for, Nancy to return info on the next book. One only needs the cover and perhaps a background for the back cover.

I think the weather is just about done with the cold now. We shouldn’t get any colder than  40’F. I should be out in the yard before it gets too hot. I was out shopping this AM, and still forgot to get bug spray to ward off the wasps and other flying-bitting guys.

I finished, Foos yesterday. I’ll work on Olasvik later today. Then pick out another story to compose. Kathy has several stories for one of the next books. I gave her one page and she put a dozen commas on it.  She made me a face mask, and I lost one of the ear elastics, the first time I wore it today.  We need an adjustment for the way to hold it in place.

That’s it for today. Lunchtime,  then back on Word for another hour or so.