Monday again

Monday again. So far no flu. With everyone staying at home with time on their hands. Time to read a good book.  I still have first edition, signed copies for you. Rendering is a mystery with a bit of flying, and a touch of romance.  Senior Touring Society is a comedy of us ole folks. No mystery, but a touch of romance. We’re not dead yet, just a bit slower than before.

$13 for Rendering, and I  split the postage of $2.75.

$8 for Senior Touring Society, and I split the postage, as above

OR, both for $20 and I pay all the postage.

I always sign and date them and will insert a short dication for you if you want.

Falling pine tree yellow pollen is almost over. GenX dirt however continues. For those that don’t know about this. It’s coming from a plant like the one in the movie about the chemicals poisoning everyone. You can’t see it. If you rub your hand on your car,.you can feel it but not see it on your hand. And we are breathing that stuff!