May 3, 2020

What happened to April?  I think I missed a few days. Still staying at home because of this flu thing. I only had two appointments last month so that helped not exposing myself to the bug. I did go grocery shopping twice. I have everything now except I’ll have to go for milk and the skin doctor Tuesday. I’ll try Dr. Patel again for the papers BCBS needs. for that Mexiletine pill, I haft to take.

Meanwhile sewing some fabrics into quilts. By noon tomorrow, I should have nine on hand to give away.

I should spend a little time in my yard. It’s going wild. Also another problem with the paint on the house. Last painters put latex base paint on top of my oil base. Bad Bad Bad. Not many solutions now.  Paint store says I could scrap and sand everything down to the wood and start over. Even then it may not solve the problem.  It might be easier to replace the soffits with new wood. Scrap the window frames and hope for the best.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get someone to remodel my bathroom. The owner called once and said he would have his carpenter look at it in person. Sor far no call to come. I will stop at their shop when I go out Tuesday.

So that is about it at 11:00 PM Sunday.