May 21

Can you believe it? This is almost the end of May 2021. What happened

to January, and February? Days are passing to fast for me. For that matter, what

happened to 1999? and 1960?

I was thinking about Dudley Street this morning. We knew everyone on the block

and held parties almost every Friday and almost everyone on the block came. I built

a stereo sound system from a kit and did a few things in our basement so we could

dance. Sometimes during the summer months the party lasted until Sunday morning.

We all drank to much, but it was okay. No one had to drive home, just manage the

hill back home. During the evening if I was checking on my kids, someone would

ask to check on theirs. Dave and Norma lived across the street from us and Dave would

come over as late as 11 a clock at night and we would play cribbage for a few hours.

Gerry and I moved out of Dudley street to a new home several miles away. One night

there was a knock on the door and there was Dave and Norma. I almost cried. They

knew the door would be open, even that late at night.

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