TITLE: Trouble With Alice

AUTHOR: Donald Kemp

RELEASE DATE: June 18, 2021

PUBLISHER: Lysestrah Press

GENRE: Contemporary, Humor, General Fiction


The unknown always follows when we least expect it.

A trip to work soon changes Alice’s life. Trouble seems to follow her at every turn. Though she’s used to disappointments, she refuses to concede to the craziness she calls life.

Her aspirations are nothing more than a means of survival. Determined in overcoming the tragic death of her devoted father at the age of twelve and the influences of her drug-addicted mother, Alice manages to survive on her own. From the moment she’d lied about her age at an early age, she’s made do with whatever job has landed in her lap.

Alice often imagines what it would be like to live a different life. To have the little things she can’t afford. Life may kick her down, but she always gets up again. If she’s to succeed in moving forward, she’ll have to put her trust in someone else’s hands. Only then will she find the happiness that has always eluded her.


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