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Books that I sign and sell myself should have been sent June 19, but arrived just the other day, July 5th. But I am amazed with this book. Publisher Nancy out did herself with TROUBLE WITH ALICE. From the front cover to the back cover, this book is beautiful.

SO… I will sign and write a short dedication for all books bought through me.

Meanwhile. back to work on the next seventy a hundred ideas stored in reminders, started with a few pages, more or less finished but need final clarity, commas, and all the little touches to make something at least as good as Alice.

So enough here. Back next week. I promise. It’s in my date book that I carry everyday to remind me to do something. No more skipping weeks and months.


TITLE: Trouble With Alice

AUTHOR: Donald Kemp

RELEASE DATE: June 18, 2021

PUBLISHER: Lysestrah Press

GENRE: Contemporary, Humor, General Fiction


The unknown always follows when we least expect it.

A trip to work soon changes Alice’s life. Trouble seems to follow her at every turn. Though she’s used to disappointments, she refuses to concede to the craziness she calls life.

Her aspirations are nothing more than a means of survival. Determined in overcoming the tragic death of her devoted father at the age of twelve and the influences of her drug-addicted mother, Alice manages to survive on her own. From the moment she’d lied about her age at an early age, she’s made do with whatever job has landed in her lap.

Alice often imagines what it would be like to live a different life. To have the little things she can’t afford. Life may kick her down, but she always gets up again. If she’s to succeed in moving forward, she’ll have to put her trust in someone else’s hands. Only then will she find the happiness that has always eluded her.


(Not yet available.)

May 21

Can you believe it? This is almost the end of May 2021. What happened

to January, and February? Days are passing to fast for me. For that matter, what

happened to 1999? and 1960?

I was thinking about Dudley Street this morning. We knew everyone on the block

and held parties almost every Friday and almost everyone on the block came. I built

a stereo sound system from a kit and did a few things in our basement so we could

dance. Sometimes during the summer months the party lasted until Sunday morning.

We all drank to much, but it was okay. No one had to drive home, just manage the

hill back home. During the evening if I was checking on my kids, someone would

ask to check on theirs. Dave and Norma lived across the street from us and Dave would

come over as late as 11 a clock at night and we would play cribbage for a few hours.

Gerry and I moved out of Dudley street to a new home several miles away. One night

there was a knock on the door and there was Dave and Norma. I almost cried. They

knew the door would be open, even that late at night.

May 3, 2020

What happened to April?  I think I missed a few days. Still staying at home because of this flu thing. I only had two appointments last month so that helped not exposing myself to the bug. I did go grocery shopping twice. I have everything now except I’ll have to go for milk and the skin doctor Tuesday. I’ll try Dr. Patel again for the papers BCBS needs. for that Mexiletine pill, I haft to take.

Meanwhile sewing some fabrics into quilts. By noon tomorrow, I should have nine on hand to give away.

I should spend a little time in my yard. It’s going wild. Also another problem with the paint on the house. Last painters put latex base paint on top of my oil base. Bad Bad Bad. Not many solutions now.  Paint store says I could scrap and sand everything down to the wood and start over. Even then it may not solve the problem.  It might be easier to replace the soffits with new wood. Scrap the window frames and hope for the best.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get someone to remodel my bathroom. The owner called once and said he would have his carpenter look at it in person. Sor far no call to come. I will stop at their shop when I go out Tuesday.

So that is about it at 11:00 PM Sunday.

Monday again

Monday again. So far no flu. With everyone staying at home with time on their hands. Time to read a good book.  I still have first edition, signed copies for you. Rendering is a mystery with a bit of flying, and a touch of romance.  Senior Touring Society is a comedy of us ole folks. No mystery, but a touch of romance. We’re not dead yet, just a bit slower than before.

$13 for Rendering, and I  split the postage of $2.75.

$8 for Senior Touring Society, and I split the postage, as above

OR, both for $20 and I pay all the postage.

I always sign and date them and will insert a short dication for you if you want.

Falling pine tree yellow pollen is almost over. GenX dirt however continues. For those that don’t know about this. It’s coming from a plant like the one in the movie about the chemicals poisoning everyone. You can’t see it. If you rub your hand on your car,.you can feel it but not see it on your hand. And we are breathing that stuff!



April 7, 2020

What happened to March? They tell me it’s long gone for this year, If you want, March, you’ll have to wait, till 2021.

Waiting for, Nancy to return info on the next book. One only needs the cover and perhaps a background for the back cover.

I think the weather is just about done with the cold now. We shouldn’t get any colder than  40’F. I should be out in the yard before it gets too hot. I was out shopping this AM, and still forgot to get bug spray to ward off the wasps and other flying-bitting guys.

I finished, Foos yesterday. I’ll work on Olasvik later today. Then pick out another story to compose. Kathy has several stories for one of the next books. I gave her one page and she put a dozen commas on it.  She made me a face mask, and I lost one of the ear elastics, the first time I wore it today.  We need an adjustment for the way to hold it in place.

That’s it for today. Lunchtime,  then back on Word for another hour or so.

Ezine Four

I did my taxes this week and the man said my income is far below the filing requirement. However, he filled anyway because of this federal handout coming up for us low paid people. I told him my SS check this year is $10 more than was in 2011. So I guess I qualify on that. It found out today that people with direct deposit will get this check in just a few days.

Just about done with my next book for you. Editing about finished. Back cover and face well underway. I lost so much time last year with all the hospital visits that it has taken a while to get my mind back in gear.

Great news about a friend that came to our writer’s group several years ago. She is in  the top 100 of the on-line Kindle type books. Also was notified a week or so ago, now international with books selling in Great Britan.

The weather around here, of course, is in the normal up and down 80’s today and 50’tomorrow. A lot of misty rain this month. Of course that blasted yellow pollen is all over everything.

One of my great-granddaughters paid us a visit from Tennessee a week ago. I had a quilt that I sewed in 1994 the year of her birth and her birthday the week she was here. I gave her my car/airplane/restaurant’s favorite quilt. Always just the right size for keeping my legs warm on airplanes, or cold restaurants. But happy BD Kaylyn.

I hear the mid-night chimes banging so I should post this and go to bed.


So now I am looking for the original story. Where is it?  Tammy where are you? I have a mountain of floor plans and need to get rid of 90% of them and have a little more room for what I’m doing nowadays. I need that original story to spell her last name for goodness sake. I guess I’ll wait for Kathy to come Saturday. She can find anything.

old stories

I’ve been digging in Word looking for good stories and came across, Tammy  Who is a private detective for large companies that can afford her very high fees. I think I wrote this about 4 or 5 years ago. I had an editor work on it and almost every page had the red pen marks, Don, fix this. So I am!!






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