lots of nothing

Kathy and I found dry rot in the pillars supporting the patio roof. I went shopping for a steel plate with legs that should have been placed between the post and cement. This allows ventilation under to post and thus no dry rot.  Most places I tried didn’t know what I was talking about. While looking for something else I found a much heavier one in my own garage of long ago that I worked in as a woodshop. Now I can show rather than try to describe what I am looking for. The trick will be to find a store that carries them in stock, although I may try online.

The teen drivers across the street called the police the other day because I knocked on their door and they didn’t answer. The police saw immediately what the problem was and told them about blocking my driveway and facing their cars in the wrong direction. well, that lasted for about three days and they are back doing it again. So I  guess I’ll have to call the police to come back. The elder women who has been a friend for about 35 years must be working now because she is never home when I am. That means the teens are there by themselves. I don’t know if they are going to school or what. Now there is five cars for that home with a driveway and room for only two.

Wednesday my friend was driving her car directly in front of me so I saw the whole event. We were in the curb lane and there was a car in the passing land a little more than a car length in front of her with the three us all doing about the same speed. Sudden a car passed me doing almost twice as fast as us and dived in front of my friend and the back of the car in the other lane missing both by less than an inch. That car then passed back into the passing lane and continued to zig-zag between cars. A short distance and my friend saw it go into the right turn lane, shoot across the street on the red light and back into the passing lane and continued to drive in and out of each lane passing cars.

I lost the special shoe for my sewing machine that helps prevent bunching up of the fabrics when  I am sewing quilts. I have a box that I keep all the special shoes in and it wasn’t there. It had to be within a few feet of the sewing machine because I change from one regular shoe and that one. I took a flashlight and scanned every inch of the table and down on my hands and knees of the floor around the table. After an hour, I gave up and went for a drink and returned for another look. Another hour and still no foot. My daughter to the rescue. She had similar luck but kept looking. It had to be within a few feet of the sewing machine table or the floor. Accidently ran her fingers under the back of the machine and there it was completely hidden from eyesight. Thank you, Kathy.


bunch of stuff

My daughter in Michigan called and said she had sent a package to me. I said it was not on the deck and I don’t go to the front door very often. I  have two large signs with arrows and words indicating to use the deck door.

After some chit tat. she revealed that she had sent some of her “white fungus” to me. So I went to the window and sure enough, about an eighth of an inch on most things out there. Nothing on my car under the car-port. Nothing on my driveway or the street. They both retain enough heat to melt a light attack of white fungus.  Not quite enough sun to get rid of all of it. Still some in shady places.

Kathy came over for her weekly visit and we put some scraps of fabric together for another quilt. Still a lot of fabric in the closet though. This quilt should be enough for the rest of the year, except one of the gals at Subway says she is going to have a baby girl in the next month or so and would like one for her like the one I made for her son. So I’ll have to make a pink one. They are small so it doesn’t take too long to sew one together.

Waiting for my publisher to send some info about two books that have been somewhat delayed by my in and out hospital jaunt last year. Writers always want things done overnight. We take a year, or more, writing and then want the result in print NOW.

Almost ten, so I guess I will quit work for tonight and see if I can find something to watch on the tube.




Three AM

Here I am again. Three AM and can’t sleep. The good thing is I forgot my Sunday pill so it is just a few hours late. Kathy installed a new light fixture over my kitchen sink. A few little bumps but overall, we did a good job. Then the back screened in patio door wouldn’t close. We finally took the drip molding off at the top. Later I discovered at least one of the studs holding up the roof nearby had dry rot at the base so the roof was actually falling down. I’ll get to that the first day it warms up a bit.

Cathie from Canada is coming down for a short visit. We spent three weeks together in Iceland in 2016. Four years ago already. Time seems to be going faster as the age years pile up. It seems to me I remember sitting on the front porch in 1936 or so and thought the day would never end. I always thought she was my niece but it turns out she said she is a cousin.

I’ve been busy sewing quilts for the last two weeks. I’ve got fabric on the living room floor, on the guest bed,  on the sewing machine table, and the ironing board. But three completed. The last one, in the process, will be no. 366. Also discovered Hobby Lobby has fabric. Closer, and they have people to help a customer. Joanne’s is further away and I can never find someone to help me and then they don’t have knowledge to help.

I guess that’s about it for last week. See you next week.






Four AM

Here I am again at three in the morn, Monday, and not sleepy. I have an INR appointment later in the morning so I hesitate going back to bed now because I might just sleep till noon like I did Sunday. In fact, Kathy woke me up or perhaps I would have slept another few hours?

We went for lunch looking for a place I had been a few years ago and after wandering around for an hour or more I mentioned there was another one I knew exactly where it was. Arrived and when we went in. I thought I was in the wrong place. I went back outside and asked a young man going in if he knew if it was the one I remembered. Yep. New owners turned the place upside down to what it was now.

” Is there an Arby’s or something around here?”

“No, but a nice independent a few miles away in Parkton.”

And it was! We ordered a hamburger that the waitress suggested and it was DELISH. Thick and juicy with a faint trace of pink in the center.  I hope they stay in business long enough for me to go back in a few weeks.




I have decided to offer a special sale for my two recently published books, RENDERING, and SENIOR TOURING SOCIETY.

So here is the deal;

Both books for $20.00 with free postage. Plus, a coupon for one future book. The amount will be determined upon publication.

These books are First Edition and I will sign and date my signature.

Sale ends February 8, 2020. Just in time for a gift with a short dedication to your boy or girlfriend, husband, wife, children, mother, father on Saint Valentine’s Day.

Send an email to don.kemp.author.wordpress.com for the address to send your check for one or more copies.


Yes, I didn’t know what this was either. It seems like it is short for an online magazine.  So I may need help to get this started.

First edition: getting started.

This was a blank page all morning then I thought, why not start with how you got two books published?

The real beginning occurred in 1974 when I published I LIVE WITH A MENDED HEART with my mother as editor and my brother as printer. Bi-pass surgery on the heart was ONLY at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio in the entire USA!. I had to show up a day before for ‘classes’. First, they asked how many were smokers. ONE cigarette in the past thirty days and you went home. They would not accept you. But that is getting ahead of the account. People were stopping me on the street and asking questions about my experience. That’s when I decide to write about it.

I wrote three chapters and an outline for some more. The editor of the newspaper was not there so I laid it on his desk with a short note, “What do you think?” The next week everyone was stopping me and saying things like, “I enjoyed your article.” or “What’s next?” Are you going to write more?”. After thirteen chapters, articles, whatever, my mother and brother urged me to make a book. I bought a mailing list of doctors and hospitals all over the country. Sold a copy for $1.95 including postage.



January 13 2020

How can it be two weeks into 2020 already? What happened to 1989? or last week?

Last week was for the most part rather dull. Perhaps that’s why It went so fast? I did enter another of the 24-hour story contest at Writers Weekly. To long to include here of course, but I will post it if I get any placing in the top groups.

Not much else for this week, except a lot of writing to catch up on from so little last year.

I did finish another baby quilt and hope to deliver to, Chelsi at Subway this week sometime. Another awaits finishing on the guest-room bed.

new beginning

New books are in the mill. Water flowing over the wheel and interior machinery is slowly coming to life.

I can’t reveal much more than that but will do so as soon as possible.

I am also going to try and say something at least once a week on this site. Yes I  know,I said that before but now I really will try.

This year has been a series of in and out of the hospital. Then I tripped over my own two shoes and took a rather hard fall. New books have taken a stop sign until I can get going again 100%. which should be now!.