Senior Touring Society


Release Date: TBA
Publisher: Lysestrah Press
Genre: Comedy, Humor
Ages: 18+


What could possibly go wrong with a group of gentle, lovable, and temperate seniors?

The Senior Touring Society is known for putting together monthly day trips. Placating its members is never easy, however. Nevertheless, the Society is determined in providing their seniors with a little fun as often as possible.

I read this as if the ‘Society ‘ is other people, not our loveable members —board of directors or whatever. The society is the members. 

When the group embarks on one of their infamous trips, the seniors soon get more than they’ve bargained for. Though everything isn’t quite hunky-dory, they’re willing to make the best of the situations they find themselves in.

Can the group hang in there long enough to enjoy the trip for what it’s worth? Or will the seniors allow the unexpected to overwhelm them, once and for all?